5 Reasons Why Metalheads Have The Best Parenting Styles

All good parents understand to put their child’s needs first. But less commonly understood is; that this is impossible, if you...
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5 Reasons Why Metalheads Have The Best Parenting Styles

It doesn’t come as a big surprise, but here we go…

    Heavy Metal fans were never fully accepted by society (what’s up with that, right?). We don’t fit the mainstream 9-5 people’s definition of normal. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. It’s okay to be unique.

    Most kids are curious about their parents music interest. When we share a hobby or a passion, it’s much easier to connect on deeper levels. The balance between being a parent and our child’s best friend is challenging. No question, we are parents first, but that common passion we share with our son or daughter will always be remembered as something beyond parenting.

    Knowing who we are and being passionate about our interests are important cornerstones to feeling confident about ourselves. Our children absorb everything we do and will soon start to mimic it. We are that solid rock.

    All good parents understand to put their child’s needs first. But a lot of people start their journey towards a more isolated life when they get their first child. Metalheads, however, tend to stay more loyal to our inner-child. To nurture our own passions doesn’t make us selfish. We don’t quit our bands or stop going to those concerts. We don’t forget who we are. With a strong identity it’s easy to put others needs first with confidence.

    Every child needs consistency in their lives. When this is missing, it’s not easy to learn how to tackle all the challenges he or she is bombarded with everyday. It’s a crazy world out there. That’s why it’s very important to have some core values and rules that are not tampered with. We know what we want and follow through.

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Note: Always remember to use ear protection for your child’s ears. Rock concerts tend to be loud and you want to avoid hearing damage at all cost.

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